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Advisor to Digite


David J Anderson, well-known Kanban Method pioneer and thought-leader, is an advisor to Digité. David provides Digité guidance on strategy for Lean/ Kanban products and solutions.

SwiftKanban is widely regarding as the most powerful Lean/ Kanban based Visual Project Management software for managing Software, IT and a variety of other business processes in the enterprise. It incorporates the Kanban Method developed and pioneered by David Anderson and provides deep Kanban capabilities including a highly Visual Kanban board and a wide range of Kanban metrics, for teams that are implementing Kanban for achieving Enterprise Agility and high-efficiency Services Delivery capability.

Kanban is a way for teams to visualize their work, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and …              

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SwiftSync is an integration bus platform that provides integration for various ALM/ engineering tools.

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) with Kanban is a powerful way to align and synchronize various enterprise functions for a smooth flow of products and services across the Enterprise and to your Customers.

SwiftESP is SwiftKanban’s implementation of ESP which enables SwiftKanban’s users to leverage ESP for their organizations in critical functions such as Demand and Capability analysis, Risk assessment and more.